commercial solar roofingniagara falls

More business owners and homeowners seek solar power because it offers clean and renewable energy at an affordable price.

solar roofing niagara falls

Consider the benefits of generating clean energy from renewable sources such as the sun and selling it for a guaranteed price with a great return on your investment.

residential solar roof niagara falls

We work directly with property owners, managers, builders, contractors and architects to make sure your project is flowing smoothly and producing the best results. We provide a full range of services to ensure all the bases are covered.

10 Reasons to go solar

* Equal to planting over 65 mature trees (Carbon Offset).
* Considered a business purchase therefore HST will be returned.
* Won’t increase your property tax will increase the resale value of your home.
* Income from solar is tax free until equipment is paid off.
* Contract is for 20 years and solar panels have a 25 year power guarantee.
* Contract is transferable to a new owner if you sell your home.
* Panels shade your roof keeping your home cooler in the summer.
* Shingles last longer shaded by panels, UV rays destroy shingles.
* Guaranteed return on investment that pays for itself.
* Interest on a loan used to pay for equipment is a tax deduction.



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