Net Metering (Commercial & Residential)

* What is Net Metering
The Net Metering program is designed to enable Ontario homeowners, farmers and businesses to send electricity generated from their solar panels to the Province's electricity grid for a credit towards their hydro costs.
The value of all the electricity your property generates will be subtracted from your hydro costs, thereby significantly lowering your monthly hydro bill.
Net Metering will act to subsidize the costs of your monthly electricity consumption, substantially reducing the cost of monthly hydro bills and reducing its burden on the property's finances.

* $0 Hydro Bill Every Month
With a professionally designed Net Metering System, your hydro bill will be reduced to nearly zero every month.
Simply, if you produce more energy than you consume from the grid over the billing period and achieve positive net consumption, your bill will include only the fixed monthly charge from your distributor.

Any electricity you generate will result in a credit on your bill, which then can be utilized anytime over the next 12 months to cover or lower future energy bills.
The excess or additional electricity your solar panels generate, any amount beyond reducing your monthly hydro bill to zero will be credited thus allowing built up credit to rollover from month to month. During the summer when sunlight is more abundant, your solar panels will produce more electricity than you consume. The surplus can then be used to offset the winter hydro bills in the future.

* Ontario Hydro Bills to Rise 42% in 5 Years
Investing in a solar system now is the great way to reduce the effects of any future rate increases in electricity and hydro costs.
The Ontario government recently announced a minimum 33% electricity rate increase over the next 3 years, and 42% over the next 5 years, this increase will substantially increase the burden of hydro bills on a household's finances.

With Net Metering, you can instantly reduce monthly hydro bills without any additional effort. Due to its low start up cost ( no costly batteries or back up generators needed).

Net Metering provides an excellent opportunity to protect your property from rising hydro bills. ONTARIO SOLAR and ROOFING COMPANY will design and install the best solar system possible for your home and instantly reduce the burden of monthly hydro bills.

Depending on your consumption rate, the system will pay itself back within 3-9 years.



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