The roof is one of the most important parts of your home and ensures your property is protected throughout the year’s from all weather.

Rooftops vary from home to home so it’s vital to hire a professional with the relevant expertise.

We install both Shingle and Metal roofs in all colors and styles to fit our client's requirements. We install residential and commercial Roofs.

24/7 Emergency calls welcomed and handled promptly.

We can provide you with a immediate free no obligation consultation. We will beat any competitor’s pricing.

We are fully insured and all are crew have all their safety certificates and WSIB.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions always available to address your needs and provide you with a solution.

• Detect roof leaks and mold issues 

• Troubleshoot any issues in the attic 

• Remove and replace bad insulation from mold 

• Check for improper ventilation, pot light issues, etc. 

* Replace missing and cracked shingles 

* Skylight repairs 

* Chimney metal flashing repairs 

* Wall and counter metal flashing repairs 

* Metal valley repairs 

*Replace or add vents as necessary, etc. 

*Check Eaves trough 

* Removal and disposal of old shingles 

* lifetime warranty shingles Variety of shingles; styles and colours to choose from 

* Vents installed for best ventilation 

* New metal installed on valleys, chimneys and walls 

* Ice & Water Shield (Extra weatherproofing layer) 

* Premium paper layer for extra roof protection 

* Thorough roof and ground clean-up 

* Roof snow removal 

* Roof repairs 

* Roof inspections 

* Eaves trough cleaning 

* 24/7 Roof tarp installation 

* Eaves trough-Fascia-Soffit installations 

* Painting 

* Decks and fencing 

* Home renovations



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